Wine MakingI have made this website to help beginners create low cost fruit wines which tastes fantastic and share my experiences and journey with wine making.

My name is Dan and I have been making fruit wine for about 6 years now. I live in the East Midlands in the UK. I have tried making wine out of a magnitude of different fruits and vegetables from chilli wine to pineapple wine. Some have been very good where others have tasted quite bad.

I currently have two favourite wine recipes: Pineapple Wine Recipe and Gooseberry Wine Recipe. I make these quite often in large batches of between 5-11 Gallons depending on how much fruit I have available at the time.

I was inspired to start making my own wine back in August 2005 when we (the wife and I) shopped off in a large supermarket on the way back from France and purchased about 70 bottles of low cost wine. It didn't taste to bad and we soon polished them all off. At this point I was getting quite a taste for wine and decided I was going to start making my own as it was a lot less expensive than buying wine in the UK supermarkets. Luckily my dad still had a lot of his wine kit lying around, along with some great books (Easy Wine Making in 21 Days and The Boots Book of Home Wine Making and Brewing) which he lent me to start me off on my wine making journey.

I initially started with off the shelf wine kits (e.g. Young's Peach Wine Kit). These worked OK and helped me understand the basic process, but I found the wine hard to clear and the taste wasn't quite as good as I was hoping.

I turned to the books which my dad had lent me and started reading more in-depth about the process of creating wine using fruits or vegetables. This taught me lot more about the wine making process and through experimentation began to make some pretty good fruit wine.

Have a look through the different wine recipes I have provided and have a go. I have included information on the utensils and best wine ingredients I have used.

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